Celery with mixed nuts

Celery with mixed nutsA delicious but so simple dish. It is vegetarian, nutritious and easy to prepare. In China celery is widely used. It is usually stir fried, and many variations of dishes with celery have evolved. Most Western people only know to put it in a soup… By stir frying celery it remains crispy and the nuts will give this dish an extra tasty combination of flavors. I bought a bag of freshly roasted mixed nuts on the market. Make sure that they don’t contain any raisins or other dried fruit, they don’t belong in this recipe. For the rest you can use any kind of nuts you like. 

Celery with mixed nuts is part of my Friday night recipe, together with Kung Pao shrimp with peanuts and a refreshing mango salad. enjoy!

Celery with mixed nutsIngredients:

  • 60 grams of mixed roasted nuts. Use whatever your budget allows
  • Celery (as large one as you can find)
  • Oil (1 tablespoon)
  • Water (4-5 tablespoons)

Tip about the celery: I buy the largest one I can find, and only use the inner branches. They are of a lighter colour and softer. They also don’t contain too many threads. Before cooking, check if there are any threads and carefully remove them. Pay good attention to this because they can ruin your dish! Cut of a little piece from the top, and you will see if there are threads or not

Celery with mixed nutsPreparation:

  1. First wash the celery and cut it diagonally into pieces of about 5 cm
  2. Heat oil in a wok on low fire and add the mixed nuts and let them roast 2-3 minutes. You know they are ready when they release a strong odour. Stir often
  3. Remove the nuts from the wok, leave the oil and turn up the heat
  4. Now stir fry the celery 2-3 minutes. Halfway through, add the water
  5. Finally, put the nuts back into the wok and mix them well with the celery. Add salt to taste
  6. That was all!

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