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Caramel sweet potato


At the end of May, we finished everything in Maastricht and moved to Nijmegen, where is the hometown of Bram, my husband.
Then we flew to China with his parents for one a month holiday. After traveling to a few beautiful towns and visiting my family, Annelies and J.W, my parents-in-law, flew back to Europe. Bram and I started our second time exploring in Thailand.
After a long holiday, we started our new life in Nijmegen, kind of sweet beginning.



- One large sweet potato (370g)
- 50g Sugar
- 20 ml Water
- Cooking oil
- 2 ts Sesame seeds
- 1 Pinch of salt

Step 1:
Peel the sweet potato, then cut it into blocks of 3×3 cm.

Step 2:
Heat some oil in a frying pan over a low fire, add the blocks of sweet potato. I have cut the sweet potato into small blocks so that they cook faster. You don’t need so much oil, just cover half of the blocks. After about 1 minute, stir so that the other side gets cooked too, and the salt. Fry 1 or 2 minutes more and check with chopsticks or a fork if the potato is cooked well, they should be soft when done. Turn off the fire.

Step 3:
Use another clean pot, add the sugar and water, stir and heat over a slow fire. Cook for around 4-5 minutes until golden bubbles start to appear, then add the fried sweet potato blocks and stir very well until each block is covered by caramel. Serve them on a plate and cover with sesame seeds. Done!


Miso soup with radish



Miso is a Japanese product, made from fermented rice, barley and soy beans. It is healthy as it contains many minerals and vitamins. It is used in several dishes, and today I use it to make a soup. This soup suits very well with Avocado and rice. In China, radish is a real winter vegetable. You can fry it with some meat, make pickled radish or you can make a radish cake. This is a tradition in Canton and the Hong Kong area during the Chinese New Year to serve to visitors. However the easiest way is to make a soup. Usually some beef or pig’s feet is added, and cooked for around 2 hours or more.

Today I will make another kind of soup, in the Japanese way, because it suits best with my other dish of avocado and rice, and it is also very easy and fast to make.



Miso radish 1What we need:

  • Radish (a piece of 15 cm serves 2)
  • Dried seaweed, 6×6 cm (usually in the Asian supermarket you can find two kinds of seaweed, one for making sushi and one for soup, this one is for the soup)
  • Dried shrimp (you can leave them out if you don’t have any, I use them to here replace MSG or salt as it is more healthy and tasty)
  • Miso paste (2 tablespoons)
Miso radish 4How to make it

  1. First soak the seaweed in hot water for 10 minutes until soft. During this time, you can prepare the rest
  2. Peel the radish, then cut into blocks of 4-5 cm (SEE HERE)
  3. Heat 800 ml of water in a cooking pot and add the shrimp and seaweed, let it boil for 10 minutes. Then add the radish and boil for 20 minutes more
  4. Then add the miso paste and boil for 5 minutes, that’s it (the miso paste cannot cook for too long, or it will loose all it’s healthy benefits)
  5. Turf off fire and let the soup sit for a couple more minutes, the radish will be more tasty then

Serve with avocado and rice

Japanese rice with avocado



Inspired by Japanese Sushi dishes, I’ve made the following recipe of white rice with avocado (avocado is very healthy!) Do not be fooled by its simplicity, it tastes delicious! Japanese Sushi dishes often contain the same ingredients as used below, and this dish tastes just like that! This recipe is vegetarian

Avocado 1Ingredients:

  • 1 large and ripe avocado
  • Boiled white rice (2 bowls for 2 people)
  • Mayonnaise (5 or 6 tablespoons, depending on your taste)
  • Wasabi (has a sharp taste! – choose the right amount for your taste)
  • Japanese soy sauce (4 tablespoons – or more if you like)

If you don’t have any Japanese soy sauce, then just use normal soy sauce mixed with some sugar

Avocado 4 Preparation:

  1. Boil the rice in a rice cooker
  2. Mix the mayonnaise with the Wasabi, SEE HERE
  3. Peel the avocado and discard the seed, then cut into small cubes, SEE HERE
  4. Then mix the avocado and mayonnaise with the hot rice. Add some soy sauce, mix it all up, then eat!

Wait… does this taste familiar? Well, it taste just like sushi doesn’t it?


TIP: make sure that the avocado you use is ripe and soft! If needed, let it ripen (outside the fridge) for a few days

TIP: I have used mayonnaise without vinegar, if yours has vinegar in it, then add 2 teaspoons of sugar to the sauce