Exotic ingredients

On this page you will find some of the more exotic ingredients that I use for cooking. These are oriental products which can sometimes be difficult to find, so you’ll have to visit an Asian shop to buy them. To help you on your way, I have taken photos of the packages, so that you know what to look for. Click the photos for large

Fish ballsFish balls, fragrant balls that are frozen. usually used for traditional hot pot, but an also be used for other dishes. They usually taste like fish or shrimp Hot pepper pasteKorean ‘Hot pepper paste‘ is a thick spicy sauce for rice dishes. Chili poederDried  chili powder
 OestersuasOyster sauce, used to marinade or with fish dishes  SesamSesame seeds, white/black. For garnish and extra flavour in soups, sushi and salads  SesamolieSesame oil, has a very strong aroma and is a nice additive for soup and vegetable dishes
Shaoxing rijstwijnFermented Rice wine (15-20% alc), is used to marinade meat or in soup. It tastes somewhat like soy, and is used as a regular drink by aficionados. The literal translation from Chinese is: yellow wine Shii-takeDried shii-take mushrooms, Chinese/Japanese mushrooms with a very strong flavour and odor Soja pastaFermented soy bean paste. Can be used in nearly all stir fry dishes, it has a salty and spicy flavour
Sichuan pepperSichuan Pepper corns. These pepper corns ‘numb’ the mouth. It is a commonly used ingredient in Scechuan cuisine. It combines well with chili peppers Soja saus lightSoy sauce ‘light’. This sauce is a little salty and not sweet. The ‘dark’ variant is very strong and colours the dish dark. The light sauce can be used for all stir fry dishes and adds taste UdonnoedelsUdon noodles, Japanese thick spaghetti. Is not dried, but can keep for a long time in the vacuum package. Nice stir fried and in soups
CocosmelkCoconut juice, is usually used in Thai curries, tastes sweet and creamy Somen noedelsJapanese Somen noodles are thin, elastic noodles, made of buckwheat. They can be served hot or cold, and only need 2-3 minutes to cook Thai red curryThai red curry paste. Is used in curries, but also as an additive in soup or with fried rice
Zeewier saladeSeaweed salad, frozen. Contains seaweed, sesame seeds and sesame oil, sugar, salt and vinegar. Nice as a cold side dish RijstzaijnRice vinegar, or sushi-vinegar. Is used to flavour sushi rice and to make it stick better. Most supermarkets and Asian shops sell it, also as a powder WasabiWasabi, a very sharp tasting paste made of Japanese horseradish. It is sold as a paste or powder. The taste is comparable to sharp mustard. Wasabi is eaten with sushi, raw fish and salads (eg. with sliced cucumber). It is sometimes mixed with soy sauce and used as a dip for sushi
KaastofuFermented tofu. Also known as cheese tofu, for its resemblance to blue cheese. It is used as an additive with white rice, rice porridge, some vegetables or even as pasta sauce. It has a pungent fermented taste and smell Tofu bladerenTofu skins. These skins, made of dried tofu, are usually used to make wraps (eg with marinaded meat with leek) SojabonensausFermented soy bean sauce. This sauce gives a strong, bitter sweet taste to chicken or pork
Thaise gele curryThai yellow curry paste, is used to make traditional curry dishes, but can also be used as a sauce for vegetable dishes. Spicy Hala gelatineHalal gelatine, or Agar. I have used this product to make sweet potato pudding. It is made of algae, and is vegan TapiocaparelsTapioca pearls. This product needs to be boiled for a long time (more than 2 hours) in water until the pearls become transparent. When the pearls have cooled down they are used in pudding or ‘bubble tea

The above photos are just an example of the many ingredients that I use. naturally there are different brands, variations and price ranges. If you have any questions about any of the mentioned products, feel free to contact me or leave a comment. I hope that this page helps you with your shopping!

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