DSCF3436 - CopyMy name is Yi. I am Chinese, and a photographer.
I met my husband in Suzhou, China in 2007. He is Dutch. We moved to Europe in 2010 after getting married.

Why did I start this blog?
First, I really miss Chinese food since we’ve lived in Europe.
There are many different cooking styles in China. For example: Cantonese, which is the most famous Chinese cuisine abroad, Sichuan cuisine, a popular new cuisine nowadays, or Hunan cuisine, which we cook in my hometown.
I have traveled a lot around China, so I have tasted many different cuisines. I started cooking these dishes, not only for taste and memories, but also because I am interested in the stories and the history behind these dishes.
Thanks to the Internet, I can easily find recipes of these dishes. I am very happy when my dishes taste the same as in a restaurant.

Secondly, I am interested in Asian ingredients. I have worked in an Asian supermarket in Maastricht for one and a half years. Some customers were very interested in Asian food, but had no idea about some of the ingredients. I want to show them how to use these ingredients in Asian cooking.

This blog is not just a cooking blog. I would also like to share some Chinese culture and more stories. I hope it will be like a little window to Asia.

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