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Stir fried sweet basil with shrimp


Last july, we took a one-day cooking class when we were in Chaingmai, Thailand.
Our chef or tour guide looked like Mr Chow from the movie”The hangover” , more younger, but the same speed of talking and with lot of gestures.
We first went to a local morning market, where “Mr Chow” showed us many Thai spices and vegetables, he answered my qustions about these Thai food.
Then we drove in a minibus to a big house, which is located outside the city. It has a big garden with many herbs and fruit trees in it.
We spend half the day there, cooked 5 dishes: a salad, main course and dessert. I asked for more than 10 Thai chillis added to my papaya salad, and after eating it, I felt as hot as the weather there. Thank God, the diarrhea that I had for more than one week was stopped after this hot papaya salad.


What do we need:

- 180g Shrimp (without skin and head)
- 15-20 Sweet basil leaves
- 2  Cloves of garlic
- 1  Middle size  carrot
- 1  Middle size  onion
- 1  tsp sugar
- 2  sp fish sauce
- 1  sp Oyster sauce
- 2 chillies


How to cook it:

1: First chop carrot and onion into same size pieces of around 3x3cm. Chop the chilli and garlic into small pieces.

2: Heat oil in a pan and fry the chopped garlic. Half a minute later add chopped carrots, onions and shrimp and stir 2 minutes.

3: Add sugar, fish sauce, oyster sauce and chilli. Stir 2 minutes, then add sweet basil, turn off fire.

DIY Thai curry

DIY Thai curryOn a rainy day in April, a week after I Visited my Thai friend, I needed a booster. I cooked a spicy Thai curry with fish. I call this DIY curry because the curry and the vegetables are served separately, and so you can choose for yourself what and how much you eat. See how it works:

DIY Thai curry


DIY Thai curryPreparation:

  1. First defrost the fish and cut in into pieces
  2. Then heat one tablespoon of oil in a wok and add the curry paste. Fry it for a minute or so, stir well
  3. Then add the 2 tins of coconut milk and keep stirring
  4. Use the empty tins to add water (use 3x one tin, which is about one pint)
  5. Now add the fish and chopped chilies and bring to boiling point. Then turn off the fire
  6. Slice the cucumber and wash the bean sprouts
  7. In another pan, boil water and cook the noodles in 2-3 minutes and drain
  8. Make ‘nests’ of the noodles in the following way: take a fork and lift up some noodles. Then use another fork or spoon to roll the noodles around your fork. Place the nests onto a large plate, with beside them the bean sprouts, basil and cucumber. Make it look beautiful
  9. Now reheat the curry and serve in bowls. Your guests can choose what they put into it. For example, take one noodle nest and stir it around in the curry, it can be eaten right away!