Recipes and tales

Lotus met sinaas

On the following pages I will show you the endless possibilities of the Asian cuisine. In a playful way I will show you that cooking wonderful dishes isn’t hard at all! I have taken photos of some exotic ingredients I have used, so that you can find them more easily on the market, and will explain some history and background of each dish. For people unknown to Chinese cooking, it can be quite a challenge finding all the right ingredients and knowing how to use them. Also I will give you tips on how to use certain ingredients (you know, tofu can be quite tasty if you know how to prepare it!) You will notice that I don’t measure all things very specifically, because that is absolutely not necessary! Everyone has their own taste and preferences, and so you can add more or less spices to each dish, as it suits your own way. Make it as salty, sweet, sour, bitter or spicy as you want. All my recipes are for 2 persons, so keep this in mind.

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